Join Program

This page lists the community guidelines on joining the Open Constitution Partner program.
For all types of business and non business groups, with whom Muellners Foundation strategically partners, these guidelines explain the current process.
Read Articles of Association of Legal Bodies: Open Constitution before onboarding a Legal Body in Foundation's Community.


Please send an email from your organisation's official email account to [email protected] with a title - "PROPOSAL FOR Open Constitution".
This email will be sent to Core Working Committee members for a review, after running through basic dilligence.
In the email, please enclose the following details:
a. A digital copy issued by an appropriate jurisdiction is valid.
b. You can also share the public url of the documents hosted on the servers maintained by Ministry of Commerce of any UN member state.
Certificate of Incorporation and a document which identifies the Tax Residency of the proposed partner organisation

2. Organisation Profile:

A public facing presentation(video, audio or a powerpoint format) that can be used to explain:
Organisation's profile, Organisation's core area of focus, area of expertise, Leadership Team
Following table displays special guidelines and request for disclosure of information for making a better case for the Vote to add the organisation.
Financial Services
Socio-economic Unions
Public Agency
For Partners who offer financial services or financial access services, and are organised as Banks, Non Banking Financial companies, Asset Managment Company, Private Equity, Investment Firms, bond issuing licensed entities, payment services providers etc.
Please add following in the Organisation Profile:
  • Asset under management,
  • No. of end clients,
  • Operational locations,
  • History of digital transformation actions taken so far, in the public facing presentation.
  • Information on any regulatory license(s) (from a Central Bank), received by the organisation.
  • Information on partnerships with other Foundations and companies.
  • Public url of recent audited Annual Financial Statements
  • Information on any regulatory supervision and enforcement action on the organisation
For Partners who offer financial services or financial access services, and are organised as Trade Unions, Worker's Unions, Co-operatives, Self governed institutions, voluntary associations, Trust and Societies:
Please add following in the Organisation Profile:
  • Asset under management
  • Social Capital under management or Impact size of the network
  • No. of clients
  • Operational locations
  • Digital transformation actions taken so far
  • Information on any regulatory license (from a Central Bank), received by the organisation.
  • Disclosures: Information on partnerships with other Foundations, Trusts, Societies, companies & likes of such.
  • An Annual Impact Report.
Members from Public Agencies shall reach out to [email protected] for submitting an Expression of Interest to join the Serenity Partner Program.
Few notes:
Add as much information as possible on the social aspect of the partner's work.
For help on drafting the presentation, please seek guidance from a peer member of the community.
A brief note from the Representative of the proposed organisation, explaining how the organisation sees the benefit in addition to "Open Constitution" Partner Program.
Note: The presentation of Organisation Profile by far does not need to meet any fixed criteria. Open Ballot vote is a confidential consensus based voting for adding an organisation into Foundation's governance.

3. Policies

A public url of Open Source IP policy, Business Continuity Plan, Disaster Management and Recovery Policy.
A Public url of a Pledge of Action against Climate Change and a policy for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Company's workspace.

4. Partner Project Proposal(if any), Partner Program Proposal(if any).

5. Nomination Proposal for a member of the proposed organisation, who shall be nominated to the Observer's Council.

​Read Governance Articles 2, 2.1, 3.1: Partner Program: Open Constitution
Digitally Sign the Partner Program Agreement, and pledge the IP to open source.


Nomination of the Partner member, a representative of the Partner and the Partner Project(if any) goes through a Council Vote. This generally takes place on its own, once the Vote is called for, based on supporting documentation.
Members of the proposed organisation observe the vote & remarks from Council members.
This step generally takes 72 hours to account for the time zone differences, detailed review of the partner project literature.


If the quorum is achieved in favour of the resolution, and a decision is in favour of the addition, the proposed organisation becomes a "Open Constitution" partner.
Signed agreement is shared back with the Partner. Executive Council or the Independent Board member may ratify the Representative appointment, and add the organisation into the Open Constitution Partner Member registry.

PUBLIC NOTICE: If the quorum is not achieved in favour of the resolution, please collect feedback. The process can be initiated again after a cooling period of 6 months.


Foundation has a Communications Charter and Open Access Charter, which all the members of the Partner organisation can read in these sections.
Now we have joined the Partner Program, appointed Representatives of the Partner, defined a project, and have Open Access levels between Foundation and the Partner.
Relevant Read: Additional guidelines for Representative and Non Representative members, affiliated to Partner Member.