Premium Benefits

This page explains the premium benefits of the Open Constitution Partner Program.
Open Constitution Partner Program Members - Legal Bodies are organised in accordance with the Articles of Association: Legal Bodies: Open Constitution.
Once empanelled, having given a solemn pledge to Open Source any Joint IP shared between the Foundation and Partner, Partner can also avail certain premium benefits.**
These benefits can be availed by exchanging value for Digital Service Credits.
Please read more on Digital Service Credits.
There are two benefits which the Partner can claim using the Digital Service Credits:
**Any verified Open Constitution Partner can avail Digital Services Credits from the Financial Leasing subsidiary of Muellners Foundation.
Public Notice:
a. Open Access to Foundation's IP by all the natural persons linked to a verified Open Constitution Partner or a verified Partner Project is a standard benefit of the Program. b. For Public Agencies, Non for Profits, and Startups in the Grow Program, Foundation has provisions for discounted Digital Services Credits by applying "Technology Incubator Discounts."
c. Digital Public Goods and Infrastructure of Finscale Identity Management is a freemium benefit for the verified Partner public agencies from a low and middle income country such as governments, Water and Sanitation agencies, government supported Micro finance initiatives. This is designed so that these agencies in low and middle income countries can benefit from the program and pursue financial inclusion at a greater speed. Coming Soon (Public Agreements)